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Published by Sasha Brown 58 months ago in Child Safety | +0 votes | 0 comments
Kitchen is the heart of a family but this is also one of the most dangerous places in the house. It would be impossible to keep toddler out of the kitchen. So, it is important to make it safe for them. Keeping kitchen area safe from curious toddlers is one challenging task. This article lists out simple and practical steps to minimize accident in the kitchen.
Published by Yovita Siswati 60 months ago in Child Safety | +5 votes | 2 comments
SafeEyes is software that can protect your kids and your family from viewing internet content you do not want to see. There are 35 levels of filtering that you as a parent can custom set. SafeEyes can block pornography, violence, gambling, drugs, dating services and more. The features of SafeEyes include: Filtering of web sites, music sites and video websites. Reports that will log and report searches, instant messages (IM’s) and social networks. SafeEyes will work on a PC and Mac Sa...
Published by Sam Montana 62 months ago in Child Safety | +4 votes | 0 comments
NetNanny sells parental control software that will protect your children from accessing internet sites that you do not want your children to see. NetNanny will block internet sites like pornography, gambling, gaming sites and can also protect your children from cyber bullying and online predators. NetNanny offers the following features: Internet filters IM monitoring Social media monitoring Profanity blocking Time management to monitor how long your children can be on the internet. Alert...
Published by Sam Montana 62 months ago in Child Safety | +2 votes | 0 comments
Kids love going to the playground to have fun and use up a bit of energy. Parents need to realize that, while playground equipment has been designed to comply with strict safety measures, there are also a few common sense safety rules they need to teach their children. Swings are often a favorite piece of play equipment in playgrounds, especially with younger children. Parents need to make sure kids understand the potential dangers if swings are not used correctly. Here are a few tips that pare...
Published by Val Mills 64 months ago in Child Safety | +9 votes | 2 comments
Unlocked cars are a potential hazard for children. While children should be taught to not play in cars, they are too young to anticipate potential danger and make responsible decisions. Parents should not only help their children become aware of the potential danger of playing in cars, but should also ensure that cars are always locked whenever not in use.
Published by Val Mills 65 months ago in Child Safety | +6 votes | 1 comments
Summer time is fun time for families. Sometimes parents avoid taking their children to crowded places, for fear of losing them. By putting a family safety plan into place, these outings can be approached with more confidence. Talk through the following safety procedures with your kids, not just once, but often. Do it every time you go anywhere, so that children always know how to find help if they do get separated from their parents. It's all a matter of being prepared.
Published by Val Mills 65 months ago in Child Safety | +14 votes | 4 comments
Kids need to learn how to be safe in the kitchen. But that doesn't mean keeping them out of the kitchen. It is aparent's role to teach kids common sense and a few basic safety rules. TKids learn by observing and doing, so parental supervision and teaching is very important. The kitchen is only unsafe for children if they don't know the general rules for behaviour there. Enjoy some positive time with your kids as you show them what everythign in the kitchen is for and how to use it safely.
Published by Val Mills 65 months ago in Child Safety | +8 votes | 4 comments
Summer time is family fun time. Before you get out and about with your kids, make sure you know these common sense safety rules, so that the whole family has an accident free summer. Things can go wrong very quickly if children are not made aware of summer dangers and how these can be easily avoided. Keep your family safe this summer.
Published by Val Mills 65 months ago in Child Safety | +9 votes | 7 comments
Educating your children on the dangers of kidnapping and keeping them safe by teaching them to take precautionary measures and not to get into anyone's car except your father's and mother's. If the stranger says his dog is lost and to come with him, just turn and run as fast as you can. Don't offer directions or explanations. Just run and tell whoever will listen that there's a stranger in the neighborhood.
Published by Rayda Jacobs 65 months ago in Child Safety | +2 votes | 0 comments
Children are naturally inquisitive and often will find themselves in an unsafe situation. If an adult or other person commands them to stop or says No, hopefully the child will respond appropriately. Failure to do so may jeopardize the child's safety. Does your child understand the meaning of the word NO?
Published by Val Mills 65 months ago in Child Safety | +7 votes | 4 comments
So you’ve just moved into your new house and you’re looking to get some furniture for your children. However, you’ve got a few questions regarding the furniture that you are looking to buy. Where’s the best place to buy this furniture? How much should I pay for this furniture? What exactly should I look for when buying children’s furniture? Is some furniture better than others? This article will provide helpful suggestions with answers to these questions and mu...
Published by David Marshall 65 months ago in Child Safety | +0 votes | 0 comments
This article describes the risks present when dealing with children's furniture. Whether or not your children's furniture is safe should be one of your main concerns when purchasing new furniture. This article discusses some of the most important aspects of furniture to ensure you are placing your children in the safest atmosphere possible.
Published by David Marshall 65 months ago in Child Safety | +0 votes | 0 comments
Intego Mac Security is a Mac Security software company founded in 1997. They create backup, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall and data protection software for Mac OS X. In September 2007 Company launched "The Mac Security Blog" which provides article about Mac security issues, security updates as well as about security alerts. Intego currently has offices in Austin, Texas, United States, Paris, France, and Nagano, Japan. All of the Intego products are universal binaries and are available in severa...
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There are countless of ways and fun ideas on how to spend summer vacation after long months of arduous schooling. Most spend summer time for family outings by going to beaches and resorts or by going to amusement parks. Regardless of how summer time is spent, safety measures must be observed to double the enjoyment that summer can bring.
Published by Marky Chavez 66 months ago in Child Safety | +0 votes | 0 comments
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