How to Tell when Your Child Has Been Sexually Abused
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How to Tell when Your Child Has Been Sexually Abused

How to tell when your child has been sexually abused

There are several ways to tell when your child has been sexually abused and It's important to look for these details when you think something is just not right. One way to tell when your child has been sexually abused is constant nightmares. A child will most likely relive the worst moments of their abuse in their dreams. It is a scary time for them and a lot of time they are threatened or too scared to tell their parents.

Another sign is bed wetting. A child can wet their bed and this also has some to do with the nightmares your child might have when they have been abused. Fear of certain people can also be a sign depending on the race and gender of the abuser and the child. Like for instance a child was abused by a male and he is a male. He will have a fear of other males that he goes around. Or if a little girl is sexually abused by a women then she might be scared of some women around her without you having any knowledge of why they are scared.

Another sign is inappropriate touching on themselves or other children. This is a major sign to watch out for because it becomes somewhat a domino effect and everyone touched can be tempted to retaliate and touch someone else and sometimes it never stop. These are some ways you can when your child has ben abused. Please watch your children carefully and if you think there might be a chance of sexual abuse ask your child about it and take them to the police and doctors to get checked and make sure your child is still safe.

A counselor would also be helpful in situations like these and sometimes they can get children to talk about what happened and who did it. Parents just please be careful. I hope that this article helps parents around the world that think there is a chance their child has been abused in a sexual manner. It is really important that you pay attention to your child when they  are acting out or showing any of the above signs. This has been my article on How To Tell When Your Child Has Been Abused Sexually.

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Useful Article. Tweeted it.

Ranked #33 in Child Safety

It would be so hard to find out if your child doesn't tell you. Those points above could be a sign of many problems. My sister used to have awful night terrors, I had a relative who wet the bed all the time as a child... You just never know. You have to watch very carefully and see what happens. Interesting article.