Why Children Need to Know Their Name and Address
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Why Children Need to Know Their Name and Address

Becoming parents also means taking responsibility for a young life. Many life skills needed by children are first taught in the home. It is surprising how many children start school without really knowing their first and last names and their address. These skills don't just happen, they need to be taught. Keep your kids safe by ensuring they know who they are and where they live. Then if they do get lost, someone will be able to reunite them with you.

Children learn an amazing amount of information and life skills during their first few years. But with busy lives, parents can sometimes forget some less obvious essentials. It is surprising how many children start school without knowing their full name, their address and possibly their phone number. This may not seem important at first, but this knowledge is necessary. You never know when an emergency will arise where this essential information is needed. For a child’s safety, they need to know who they are, where they live and their phone number. Knowing their parents names is also useful information.

Lost and Found

No matter how responsible and careful a parent feels they are, children are spontaneous beings and the unpredictable often happens. It’s amazing how quickly children can wander away from their parents’ side, or take a wrong turning. Even though, as parents, we probably panic, the child is usually safe. Someone will notice a distressed child and offer assistance.

However, helping a child be reunited with their parents is not always as easy as it should be. If a child is unable to answer the simple questions, what is your name, and where do you live, the process of finding parents can take longer than it needs to. But once a responsible adult knows the child’s name and address, it is easier to have a happy outcome in the shortest possible time. When asked what their parent’s name is, answering Mummy or Daddy is of no use whatsoever. Ensure children know who their parents are. Explain that, while they probably don’t call you that, that is the name other people know you by.


Being prepared for an emergency is important, as emergencies are as unpredictable as children. A time may arise when a child, even a young one, has to act in a responsible way. For example, if there is a fire or accident in the home, children need to know when and how to call for help. Having done this, they must also know how to direct help to their address by giving that information in a clear voice.  Just knowing the name of the street is not enough. They need to also know the number on their letterbox or the number of their apartment.

Knowing Who Can Be Trusted

As well as teaching a child his or her name and address, parents must also teach when this information should be used. It is a sad reality that these days not every adult can be trusted. It’s important for children know when and to whom they give out their personal details.

If parents make a point of including this in regular conversation, children soon learn to tell the difference between situations where it I acceptable to tell an adult one’s name and address, and when not to. Reinforce these safety issues with children when out and about, by making positive comments about where to turn for help if needed.

Keeping Children Safe

Child safety is a huge responsibility these days, but if it is reinforced by parents gradually over a period of time, the necessary actions become second nature to a child. Hopefully, nothing will ever go wrong, but don’t take chances. Teach your children their names, address and phone number now. Don’t trust they will remember it once learnt. Go over it at any appropriate opportunity. Then you will know you have done the best you can.

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